Special Edition Inca Røgelse - Franckincense
Special Edition Inca Røgelse - Franckincense

Special Edition Inca Røgelse - Franckincense

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    Special Edition


    Also known as "frankincense" or "true incense," the frankincense is considered by many to be the "original incense," since it was the first resin to be used by mankind for the production of incense and smoke.
    The Frankincense is present in the history of diverse civilizations, always related to sacred rituals of spirituality and meditation. Its resin is obtained from some plants of the genus Boswelia, existing in both Africa and Asia.
    By the time of the Hebrews, the Frankincense, along with gold and myrrh, was one of the gifts of the three Magi offered to the baby Jesus.

    But it was not only the Jews who considered it sacred. Roman emperors also used it in a series of rituals and ceremonies, such as Nero, who would have used him in burning rituals for a year followed after the funeral of his wife, Poppaea. Indian, Persian, Arabian, Chinese and other peoples also made and still make use of the herb, known for its soft and balsamic fragrance, with citrus and camphor touches and an odor that remains in the air for quite a while.

    Careful and handcrafted manufacture.
    100% Natural, Artisan and Therapeutic Incense
    *Individuals and 9 Sticks Box burns for approximately 110 minutes each stick. 4 Sticks Box burns for approximately 90 minutes each stick.
    Composition: Frankincense, Inca Vegetable Compound, Charcoal and Bulk Salt

    The best you can get sometimes is limited. Special editions for our incenses bring to our customers new and unique fragrances, different than any other found in the market.

    Sustainabilty, creativity and respect to the nature and our clients, together with a portfolio that you’ve never seen before. Our specialty line comes with some herbs and formulas which have been carefully developed from 20 years of tradition and also intense research and studies on rituals and celebrations with smoking herbs taking place in Brazil and anywhere else in the world.

    Aroma Inca’s incenses are 100% natural, made from raw plants and materials coming from several places in the world. Herbs we choose have been, for thousands of years, used by dozens of culturals in all kinds of rituals, and bring back to you the energy and wisdows from them.

    Plants and herbs being used are also coming from sustainable areas, duly certified and shipped in accordance with local and international environmental standards.